Most Valuable Result, Short-Sightedness, 8,000 Poems, and Left a Pineapple
Cannot Find Peace, 30-for-30, It's Leverage and Druckenmiller

September 2022

Deceiving Negotiators, Cheating Students, For Now, & Nothing Happened
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Not a Tragedy, Suggestions, Better Brainstorming, and a Country Churchyard

August 2022

Predicting the Unpredictable, Newton, the Worst, and Huberman
The Way of Archery, Manufacturing the Middle Class, 95% of Market Cap, and Beehiiv

May 2022

After a Snake, the Current Thing, Death Toll Comparisons, and English Rhymes

February 2022

Good with hard work, Baupost, how to grow old, & people who write books

January 2022

How lucky I am, Jesuits, truth on the blockchain, and the Sample
Envy, a New Theory, If, and Thinking About Life

December 2021

Pearl Harbor, Uncommon Sense, Murder Ballads, and Tyranny